Berber Carpet

Do you own a Berber carpet? Congratulations on making a wise and prudent purchase! As a Berber carpet owner, you understand the benefits that come with owning Berber.

The unique qualities of being stain resistant, easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive make it a popular choice among consumers today.

Berber carpet with its looped pile design provides great comfort and value but comes with one disadvantage. Berber carpet loop pile design is susceptible to snagging by animals and children.

A snag on a Berber carpet will lead to unraveling that will need to be repaired. You don’t need to worry because we are here to help!

The unique looped pile design also means that it requires specialized skills and equipment to do the job right. LA Carpet Repair & Cleaning has both!

Our experienced carpet repair technicians can have your Berber carpet looking brand new today.

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